How we use and share your information

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We share your information with Lending Partners

We share the information you provide to us with our "Lending Partners" including:

The Lending Partner you are connected with will only be shown after you submit your information. If we connect you with a Lending Partner, we may redirect you to their site to see more about their products and services. We may also connect you with Lending Partners that offer different loan amounts, terms, types or rates than those you stated a preference for. You can review their offers and quotes and decide whether to accept at no cost to you. They may call, text or email you about the loan you are interested in.

We may share your information with other finance-related services

We may share your information with or show you ads for credit or finance-related companies offering services such as debt relief, credit repair or credit monitoring. They may contact you by call, text or email.

More information about our Lending Partners

This website does not have access to all lenders or all available loan products. Click here for a link to a page identifying some of the third parties in our network and in other third-party lender networks we utilize. The full list of Lending Partners in our network is a trade secret and we do not disclose this list to anyone. The third-party lender networks we use do not disclose their full list of lenders either.

We cannot provide you with a list of the Lending Partners that saw your information to decide whether to offer you a loan.

We may be compensated for sharing your information or connecting you with Lending Partners

Many factors impact which Lending Partners we try to connect you with. How much they pay us has a big impact. You may be connected with the highest bidder, which may not offer the best loan terms. Always carefully review the details of loan offers shown to you and compare it with other options.

We may be compensated for sharing your information with our Lending Partners or with finance-related companies. Generally, we are paid more for helping you find a successful loan.

This disclosure is not intended to fully and completely describe all the advertising activities of this site or its affiliates and partners.